Previous Gigs

1/9/2018 @ Let’s Rock Festival – Inofita, with Mr. Highway Band, The Big Nose Attack, Beggars, Need and Rock ‘n’ Roll Children.

3/3/2018 @ ILION Plus, with Pulse-R

27/1/2018 @ Crow Club, with Snakebite

26/1/2018 @ Hitirio Theater, with Sun Rain In Life, Routes of Neptune, Deathcrop Valley, Vegan Mosquitos & Devil Flower Mantis

21/9/2017 @ Tritsi Park, with Mother of Millions, Sober on Tuxedos & Pulse-R

21/3/2017 @ Bums, with Routes of Neptunesm,30 Milliamber, Rebel Dogs & Criminal Set

20/12/2016 @ ILION Plus, with Sober on Tuxedos & Rusty Bones

09/01/2016 @ Methodia Live Stage, with Jaw Breaker, Narcosis, Heritage & Bog Art

18/12/2015 @ Remedy Live Club, with Sorrowful Angels & Material Vibe

24/05/2015 @ An Club, with Narcosis, Mad John the Wise, Divine Dissection, Wash of Sound & Flame Cup (Final of “Battle of the Bands” music contest)

22/04/2015 @ An Club, with Narcosis, Wash of Sound, Against Reality & More Than Anything (Semi-Final of “Battle of the Bands” music contest)

17/12/2014 @ An Club, with Jaw Breaker, Divine Dissection, Jammin Wish &Sexpendables (1st Leg of “Battle of the Bands” music contest)

12/12/2014 @ Limbo Rock Club

30/04/2014 @ Stavros tou Notou, with Federal Charm